Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Possible D (as in delivery) Day

It is almost 5:30 am, I managed to sleep some, but the contractions are waking me up. They are not very regular but are about 15 minutes apart, and painful... and my mind is fraught with worry and excitement. I can't remember any of the online birthing class things right now other than to breathe, and it helps to tense my body when I have the contractions... I am hoping this is OK to do, since the pain in my lower back is pretty incredible!
Anyway, we are still in the antepartum unit, which sucks, but Chris is sleeping and that is a good thing.

7:40 am update
I am still in antepartum, contractions still 15 - 20 minutes apart, but last for about 80 seconds and some are pretty painful. dot is still moving around a lot too.
I wish we could get this party started down in labor and delivery.

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