Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Glow worm Josef - The best and brightest bili light boy! (actual photo update at 5:00PM AZ time) Posted by Hello

Josef is doing much better today, he has an IV in his head which makes him look like a unicorn, and though a bit visually disturbing, I think it actually makes him happier since it is much easier to move his hands and try to pull out his oxygen and feeding tubes (again).

He is being feed my milk, which is a good thing since it appears that I am a big producer and have plenty. I also get to try to breast feed him, but depending on how he is feeling he is either very good or very fussy. Today Chris (dad) got to hold him and he got peed on, which was funny in a way. We are also increasing his intake by 3cc's (about 1/2 a teaspoon) every third feeding, so by the end of today he will be getting 21cc's, so that by Friday he may have his feeding tube out when I go visit him in the evening (now this is if he behaves, and they don't get even more aggressive with increasing the amount of his feedings! This also means he gets the IV out on Friday too!

His jaundice has improved and he is on only one bili light, the blanket usually... Which makes him look like that glow worm toy when he is swaddled.

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