Sunday, January 02, 2005

He is home!!!!

So, I am not sure what was more frightening... Getting a call from the hospital at 6 AM or bringing the baby home!

The doctor called at six this morning to let us know that he was discharging Josef... But I must say that those few seconds before the doctor actually uttered those words.. There was sheer panic in my heart!

But then the good news... His bilirubin level had improved from an 11.5 to a 10.5 and we could pick him up in a few hours... I just had to promise to take him to the pediatrician tomorrow!

What an exciting day, my baby is home!


Rachel Ann said...

That is wonderful; Thank G-d, I'm glad he is home.

Ayoka Chatman said...

I'm so excited for you Blair..I was wondering the status of his NICU stay since they moved Malcolm last Friday. Malcolm has surgery tomorrow but he'll be home by the end of the month. I"m so excited for you I could scream!!!!!

angie said...

As a mother of a former NICU preemie, I must say, "CONGRATULATIONS!!" on Josef coming home. It is definitely a good thing to have your baby under your own roof. Now the real fun begins!!! :) Enjoy him!