Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Life can get a little hectic

OK, so his bilirubin level went up again when I took him to the doctor on Monday, so we go again tomorrow to check it again. I feel like I am stuck in a twisted version of the Achilles myth. Josef is getting his foot poked so much he has little bruises from all the pokes that he has had for this jaundice.

I also have a nephew visiting, a wonderful young man of 23, but he is trying to get an application for another year abroad and is using the internet connection quite a bit... I don't really mind since I have something very wonderful taking up my time... I just wish I did not have to work right away. There is computer chaos at work, I have no clue why all these computers and monitors are going down... Many of them less than two years old...

Another thing, I make way too much milk, so much that I have had to start giving him a bottle because he can't handle the flow from me. This saddens me so much, though I figure there will be a time in the near future when I can make up for this time. Only problem, I am running out of freezer space!

So, this milk issue has created my first sleepless night, but hopefully we have resolved this issue, now that we know what is happening with Josef and why he just did not seem to want to latch on... But then, being force fed, albeit purely by a quirk of nature, can never be fun. I am just so tired today, and I figure it will be the first among many more days to come.

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Jordana said...

Let down is usually the most forceful right at the beginning, so you might try pumping off a little milk and then putting Josef to the breast. That should help him latch on and nurse more easily.