Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Where does it go?

I have 2.5 blogs to keep up with and I barely did so before this move.
I average 1 thing per week on my second 100 things... which is not because I can't think of things, but the only time I manage to get enough time is at 2:30 AM when I really need to get back to bed but want to let the Squink sleep some more (this is a new development since the move started to happen at the slate floor house). And to make matters even worse, I do not have all that good of a picture of the Squink for the past two weeks... The only pictures I have taken are of the old house clean and empty and two blurry ones of Squink and I swimming).

~Portions below seem to resemble a blog~
I have decided that if I ever get to change professions, I want to be an electrician... $75 per hour starting rate!!!!! (thank you master electrician Mario auf Austria for not charging us for not seeing the random little switch in the incorrectly boxed fuse box and thinking we had gone and bought a crazy house that will cause a wire meltdown).
~end to any semblance of a real blog~
End Warning

Note to Time: I miss you! What can I do to make you come back?


Nettie said...

HEy, Time! Come here, c'mere, Time, come on...

Anonymous said...

how about a nail techician. Apparently every other lady in phoenix cannot live with the nails.

Blair said...

they don't earn $75 per hour though

baileysMilk said...


~Portions below seem to resemble a blog~ !!

Catherine said...

Three years into this parent thing, I find myself pretty unforgiving toward single people who complain about being exhausted or having such a busy weekend. Just this Monday a woman asked me, "what did you do this weekend?" My reply, "THANK GOD NOTHING!" Her reply, "Well, lucky you because I am just......." (insert random complaining about how busy her childless life is)

I wanted to say, my comment about ‘nothing’ meant: I didn't have any visiting to do, obligations to show my face at or overly strenuous physical activity to subject my body to. What I did do that I don't bitch about was running after a toddler for about 28 hours while problem solving different earth shattering crises every 2.5 seconds. Two baths were given and tons of laundry was sorted, washed, dried or hung on the line and then eventually put away and then put back on said toddler to start the cycle again. I brewed a pot of soup and pre-made two meals while child napped. I washed 7,549 loads of dishes. I emptied and scrubbed a crappy blow up pool and then humiliated myself in front of all my neighbors when I put my fat body into freezing cold tap water, all in the name of motherhood.

Clearly I have some issues and I should have made this an entire post on my own blog. Anyway, Blair, time is gone. It will never return. (At least not in the next three years from my point of view.) I wish I could help unload a box or scrub a kitchen cabinet or even write a cool snazzy post for you. Soon you will be all settled in and things will start looking a little normal and all will be great again. :)