Sunday, March 12, 2006

nota breve

or not so breve...

Boy, have I learned some lessons this past week.

I think one of them is that it is just not fair to think so highly of women that you put them on a pedestal. By doing this you set them up for failure and yourself for devastating disappointment.

In other unrelated news... My in laws are here from the other side of the ocean and are loving Squink... it is so nice to see people love Squink.

He has finally started clapping, he never did that before... but man is he good clapper, he does it even when he hears clapping on TV (which made my brief moment with the Oscar's rather fun). He has two words "OK" and "Uh-oh", the latter usually when he throws his chupo across the room. He is not walking yet, but he does stand and transfer and I am so proud to say that my boy has rhythm, which is a good thing because I only have rhythm in Spanish and Schatz only has... wait, he just doesn't have it in any language. ANyway, he dances, with a mean abandon to any music he hears. The neat thing is that he heard some opera today (NPR news bit about the death of Anna Moffo). Her voice was so incredible, when I turned it up, he stopped what he was doing and looked at the radio with what appeared to be awe. This pleases me, that he responded to opera that way, but her voice is so magnificent that I can't imagine anyone but people that hate opera with a passion to not stop and listen to her voice.

In other news, I saw that someone unexpectely did my Johari window and I was so touched because if you ever met "more or less" you would know just what a true curmudgeon he is... so, thank you... that was nice and unexpected.
UPDATE: Someone used my personal email address when they filled out their impression of me in my Johari window.... lame people, really lame, so I removed the link to it from here... for shame to whomever did that!!!!!

And I suppose you should know that I think that I will not be around much... what with the in-laws in town and all. Though I am going to get myself a Tivo today because the TV is in their room and I want to catch my GA.


Blair said...

my mom.... sigh

kris said...

Hi. I stumbled across your wonderful little blog and while reading saw that you are a Grey's Anatomy fan. I run a small fansite '' and was hoping I could get a link to my site from your blog (maybe switch out the link to the official site if its not too much troulbe?).

I would be so incredibly grateful.

I'd love to hear back if you get the chance. I know you are probably really busy and this isn't high on your list.

P.S. Keep on bloggin'!