Friday, March 03, 2006

War stories

Thank goodness I get to have a drive home, otherwise I would never listen to the radio.


One of my favorite war stories is that of the Christmas during WWI temporary truce... not an official truce, but one none the less...

I have heard many versions, including that it was during WWII, that it happened in Germany, that the song was Silent Night... O Holy Night (my personal favorite)...

But, this is one of my favorite stories ever. I first heard it on the radio over 15 years ago as a Christmas fact segment on some station and I was so struck I cried (and this was before I cried at everything) that I have loved it ever since!

I buy music dedicated to the event (it seems musicians find it a striking enough story to make a song out of it)... but today I learned that there is a movie, the French nomination for a foreign film Oscar.

I can't wait to see it!

Because, I think I may like it, and even if I hate the movie, I don't think it can wipe away the tears just thinking about how humans can be in the perils of war.

You can listen to NPR's movie review here

When I got home I downloaded the segment on to my iPod, and have relistened to it again and again.

Kindness matters so much... and while WWI was horrible, I think it is OK that I find this story so touching, because I think it is about kindness.



Anonymous said...

Por dios, que emocion. Todavia estoy llorando. Una chispa de esperanza en un mundo lleno de tristeza.

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why you got no comments. Did they listen to the NRP review?