Saturday, November 03, 2007

Life redux

Last night was spent with some friends... reacquaintances... no, friends sounds more apropos... discussing unusually small appendages, high school frivolity and insanity and one unanswered question that I promised I would ask and only made one of them do a spit take... and unfortunately not the one it was intended for...

Could I have served too much wine?

Of course, I was a little freaked out when the one who is a counselor suggested I was overly obsessed with small appendage person... of course I am, because never before has one human been so worthy of my obsession with their "beingness" as a source of my intellectual curiosity.

I had a good time, and it is always an interesting process to spend time with people whose source for inter-relations is a shared past... but bringing that past and shared or similar experiences into the present can be a fun journey.. I learned a lot about them, Things I hope I get the chance to discover more about.

It is nice to know that the world does have lovely people, plus how often do you get to meet a like minded soul who loves Latin mass and abhors the hootenanny and liturgical dance gracing the "stages" of churches these days (I say "stages" for that is what their inclusion makes the front of the church). That was cool. Heck, the whole evening was enjoyable, and I hope it is not the last of them.


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Agnes said...

You're the sweetest!

angmoh is actually a dialect.. ang=red, moh=hair. referring to foreigners, esp whites. didnt notice its similarity to anglo till you pointed it out!

Brother has 3 months medical leave, but all's goood. Daddy's good too. Thank you for asking!