Thursday, November 01, 2007

Who here loves vanilla?

I do!

Vanilla is one of my favorite things to use in the kitchen... I would put it into more savory dishes if I could figure out how. I use it in everything sweet.

Anyway, Jaden from Jaden's Steamy Kitchen is having a contest and will be giving eight (yes 8) lucky folks a half pound of vanilla pods from a place she loves and trusts.

I do not know if I will win, but I am sure going to try!

Go here to see the contest details, nothing could be easier!



Agnes said...

haha, good luck!

Paul said...

Mmm. I make "Ultra-vanilla" French custard ice cream, and I usually quadruple or quintuple the amount of Vanilla extract, as well as include several ground up beans. This is one case where burps are pleasant!