Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Bless me

I was super lucky to be able to get a sample of this fabulous new chocolate in development through an online giveaway of sorts.

The chocolate is TCHO


The giveaway-er is Blake Makes

Just look at that color

Now here is my review of the chocolate:
I loved the TCHO chocolate, I loved the packaging, I love the dedication that is indicated by the effort to research and develop the chocolate.

I am looking forward to TCHO's growth. I only wish I could have sampled other varieties, but the one I did was superb and inspiring (in terms of how to incorporate into some dishes. I would have loved to try some in some savory dishes like mole but there was not enough left (especially after my taste test).
I also decided to try the two together (meaning the TCHO chocolate and the Blake Makes peanut butter dulce de leche). And the results were...

just the two of us


The slight bitter notes of the TCHO chocolate were a nice foil for the sweet taste of the Blake Makes PBDDL. I think TCHO's dark chocolate is a nice contrast for the Blake Makes PBDDL and vice versa. Which means they would work very well together in my mole recipe... IFF I had enough. I did the math on the Blake Makes PBDDL and I would have to cut my recipe by over 3/4. I don't think it would even make half of one serving. It goes the same way for the TCHO chocolate. So, I will enjoy what is left of my Blake Makes PBDDL on some french bread toast
for breakfast and sprinkle a few shavings of the last square of TCHO chocolate on top.

Thank you to both companies, I am thrilled to be your friend!


Catherine said...

Not a great post to read when one is sitting in her cube, craving something sweet after lunch and is unable to leave to get it. It is almost like I can taste what you wrote :)

corrin said...

ohhh that looks fabulous. and what cute packaging!

Charla said...

What kind of chocolate is it exactly? Is it always dark chocolate? I love dark chocolate!

skeet said...

Mahalo for the link to Blake Makes. I was not familiar with him. Having grown up in a New Orleans kitchen I found much there to enjoy!