Thursday, February 03, 2005

New pictures

All of the grandparents live far away, some even very far away... So, I have been asked to post pictures with some frequency for their perusal. I do so with obvious pleasure.
Baby is over 9 Lbs. or is about 4.2Kg now... He is growing so fast!

I love this outfit! Posted by Hello

How can I not love this face? Posted by Hello

I love my two boys... Posted by Hello


Nettie said...

I love the second pic- he has the cutest expression!

Jordana said...

With boys like those, what's not to love? That second picture is particularly adorable, by the way.

angie said...

It's always good to reassure the grandparents with photographic proof that your baby does indeed have eyeballs! Cute!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are, of course, precious!

My little one is now 4 1/2, and, though you didn't ask for any advice, I'm going to give you some from that perspective!

In the first year they change so much, so quickly and you will forget how tiny and precious they were. Therefore: take pictures constantly! Take them to the photographers, often! Get the best camera you can and get in as close to Baby as it will let you. Take pictures every week (you don't have to show them all off, or even get them all printed--but one day you will be glad you had them!)

Anonymous said...

He looks like a very wise baby!